Adventure Trips

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Points Unknown Dog Sledding Experiences

The Points Unknown Dog Sled Experiences are as hands-on as we can safely make them in the amount of time available. Allowing our guests to spend quality time with the dogs and being out on the trail safely with them are two main priorities. Learning to run your own team takes place in our Day in the Life Adventure, Multiple Day Customized Adventures and our Women’s Adventures.

Taste of the North Woods

Our Taste of the North Woods Dog Sledding Experience, lasting 1 ½ hours, is the appetizer on our adventure menu. It’s designed to give you just a sample of dog sledding. Our hope is that you’ll love your experience with us so much that you’ll be hungry for more! $149 per Adult: $89 per Child under 12 yrs (must be accompanied by a participating adult)

True North Woods

Our True North Woods Dog Sledding Experience, lasting 3 hours, is the most hands-on of the two “appetizer” adventures. Our afternoon slots typically book quickly because, in addition to helping bring the individual team dogs to the ready line from their kennels, learning to harness them and cuddle with them, you are also welcome to extend your adventure after a short snack and hot drink break, and come and help with feeding and evening dog chores. This can add an additional 2 hours to your adventure at no additional charge. What a great opportunity! $229 per Adult: $169 per Child under 12 yrs (must be accompanied by a participating adult)


Stuffed Husky



A Taste by NIGHT!

Our A Taste by NIGHT! Dog Sledding Experience, lasting 1 1/2 hours, is similar to our "Taste of the North Woods Dog Sledding Experience" with the added magical mystery of being pulled by dog team through our enchanted forest trails, in the dark! Who knows what nocturnal woodland creatures will be watching us as we glide silently through the north woods.  $189 per Adult: $129 per Child under 12 yrs (must be accompanied by a participating adult)


Please check our list of what to wear to your adventure.


Kennel Tours!

You’re invited to join us year ‘round for a tour of the Points Unknown sled dog kennel and our off-grid homestead. You’ll get to see what the dogs do in the off season and spend time cuddling with them in one of our secure sled dog play areas. Kennel tours by appointment only. $39 per Adult: $19 per Child under 12 yr (must be accompanied by an adult)


Please ask us about our special rates and customized adventures for large groups.


Cancellation Policy - We hope you'll understand that we likely had to turn down others that wanted a dog sledding experience at the very same time you have scheduled yours. The dogs make a meager living by providing you with these educational experiences and do need to be able to count on your reservation. If you do need to cancel, please do so as soon as you possibly can so that we can open your adventure to others that might be waiting. If cancellation does not take place within 48 hours of your scheduled adventure, we will retain a deposit in the amount of 25% of your adventure cost, unless we are able to book your time slot within that time period, then you will not be charged. Cancellation after 24 hours prior to your adventure for anything other than weather/driving conditions will result in the full cost of your adventure being retained.


Hannah with team

Day in the Life, Customized and Women's Adventures

The Points Unknown full day and multiple day adventure trips are all educationally based. You won't get a dog sled ride, you'll learn how to mush a small team of our sled dogs. You won't be led through the wilderness by a guide, you'll learn how to do your own navigation with a map and compass. The wilderness survival skills you learn will help build self-confidence and enhance your future experiences, be it on a trek into the wilderness, on a leisurely hike around one of your local parks or in the adventures of your every day life.

Our adventures are for those who want to be actively engaged with a more simple life in the woods; for those who want to be involved in every aspect of the adventure offered.


Misquah Poke

What to Expect From the Dogs

We have two different types of traditional sled dogs, Traditional Alaskan Huskies and Hedlund Huskies.

You will find GREAT enthusiasm from the dogs and it is displayed from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart. They find great pleasure in greeting you and showing you what they do for a living. They love their jobs!

Freight Alaskan Huskies

Our Traditional Alaskan Huskies, we call our Zulu line, are larger and broader than the typical racing Alaskan Husky and have much heavier coats. They have not been bred for racing but have been bred true to their roots for hauling freight, which, in our case, means people! Most are big lap dogs at camp that would tip toe around a sleeping baby. They quickly turn into focused pullers in the team, at hook up and while out on the trail. Zulu, pictured here, is the foundation of the Zulu line in our kennel.

Hedlund Huskies

Hedlund Huskies are a rare line of Traditional Alaskan Husky that dates back to the 1940s when they were bred by the Hedlund family in Alaskan for trapline teams and subsistence living. Our kennel consists of several deep line Hedlund Huskies and Hedlunds in combination with our Zulu line for genetic diversity and to preserve both lines.  Tuloon, pictured here, was our first Hedlund Husky and she arrived from Alaska in 2004. She has had two litters with us and is now the mother, grandmother and great grandmother to many of the dogs in our kennel.

Mission Points

Points Unknown holds six things truly important to its mission.

  1. Safety
  2. Relationship with Dogs
  3. Learning and Self Discovery
  4. Fun
  5. Wilderness Appreciation
  6. Excellent Meals