Our dogs are our friends and adventure companions first, then working sled dogs. This doesn't, in anyway, diminish their ability to pull and put in a hard day's work. As a matter of fact, our relationship with our dogs enhances those abilities!

Our dogs break trail in a newly fallen 18 inches of snow.

Countless hours are spent introducing our dogs to people and other dogs of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors, beginning as puppies. Frequent positive new experiences are stepping stones to building confidence and to helping create a well balanced adult dog.

A Phoenix sandwich!

When not working in front of a sled or four wheeled cart, our dogs participate in obedience and agility classes. They also enjoy long daily group play sessions in our large fenced enclosures.

Photo by Neil Slaughter

Each dog has a roommate or two. They live in large pens outfitted with houses for each dog and play structures designed for daily fun.

Overnight on the trail, the dogs are content to be on tie-outs while they rest after a day of hard work.

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