Redpaw Feed

The Points Unknown Sled Dogs are powered by Redpaw Feed. Points Unknown is a proud dealer of Redpaw Feed. Please contact us for more information on this highly digestible, fish-based performance feed.


Points Unknown sent three Canadian Inuit Dog pups to our friends in Nunavik in the Fall of 2005, for their Inuit Dog Recovery Program, Qimmiit Itirtut. They have provided us with the following links:

The Inuit Dog

Additional information about the Inuit Dog can be found at these site:

Hedlund Husky

Points Unknown plays an active role in the preservation of a line of Alaskan Husky called the Hedlund Husky. Please "like" us on facebook!

Scent from Nature

100% Pure Beeswax Candles by Scent from Nature is a company that helps to support the Points Unknown sled dogs and our lifestyle. Our 100% Pure Beeswax Candles are long and clean burning and 100% natural. Please "like" us on facebook!

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Becoming an Outdoors Women Program in Minnesota provides a number of courses not typically found for women elsewhere.

Sled Dog Central

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