Pull Training Classes

Teach your dog to pull (when you want them to)! 

Pull training is designed to teach you how to teach your dog to pull (when you want them to!) and execute the commands you give them associated with dog sledding, ski-joring, carting or canicrossing.

Because dogs can overheat if working in high temperatures, our pull training classes are offered in the late Summer, Fall and Spring. We are out on the trail in the winter so no classes are offered during the months of December through March.

Any breed of dog can be involved in this activity as long as they are 6 months old+ and are medium to large breed dogs. This activity is not recommended for breeds with an adult weight of under 30lbs. Dogs with hip dysplasia will not be allowed to participate due to the stress placed on the rear legs and hips.

Dogs under one year of age will not be allowed to pull heavy weights due to their rapidly growing bones but can learn the concept and commands.

2017 Schedule

Our pull training is by appointment. Please call us to set up your customized training.


Points Unknown, 82 Irish Creek Road, Hovland, MN 55606 (26 miles northeast of Grand Marais off of the Arrowhead Trail)


Here are directions to Points Unknown.


$129 per one and a half hour session plus gear estimated at $50. For group events or more customized training, pricing will be different. Gear is available from Black Ice Dog Sledding Equipment of Winsted, MN.

Required Gear

Properly fitted harness, Command Training Lead, belly band, buckle or training collar.




This course requires an appointment and registration in advance. Please print the registration form (25kb pdf) and mail it with your class payment to:

Points Unknown
P.O. Box 51
Hovland, MN 55606


About the Instructor

Linda Newman

Linda Newman

Linda grew up all over the United States in a U.S. Forest Service family. The wilderness has always been a driving force in her life. Linda had a dog all through her childhood but didn't find her true passion for them until the 1990s. Linda has been training dogs since 1994. She got her first sled dogs in 2000 and thus began her sled dog training. She came from a background of Australian Shepherds, obedience and agility training. What a shock the sled dogs provided! No more "what can I do for you, how much and how long?" More like "Right. I'm not doing that until I get what I want. Then I will decide what you get and when." She loved them nonetheless and together, they do some extraordinary things and she wants to share that with others.

Linda's dream of a career that included her passion for the outdoors and her love and respect for her canine companions became a reality in early 2005 when she started Points Unknown. Linda does adventure trips with the dogs in the BWCA, Canada and Minnesota. Points Unknown, was contracted to provide dog mushing adventures at a popular northern Minnesota Lodge in Grand Marais, MN, USA in the winters of 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 and Linda headed up this program, providing them with numerous different adventures and experiences to offer their guests. She is currently a DNR Becoming an Outdoors Women program instructor and is giving dog mushing instruction here at Points Unknown and providing demonstrations at local events.