These are the dogs of Points Unknown Kennel. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to read about the Dogs in Need.

Photo by Kathleen Kimball-Baker

Akai is the son of Irish and Ilo. Akai's name came from the Sawtooth Mountain Wolf Pack. Being the most outgoing and people oriented of his litter, Akai is the first one to greet visitors to the kennel. He voices his concern if he isn't included in the goings on to make sure you haven't forgotten him. He's a super addition to our kennel and based upon his recent puppy canicross walks, he should be a fabulous sled dog when he grows up.

Hedlund Husky 10/20/2012 Puppy

Aise (Eye Sha) is Arabic for "She who lives prosperously." We formed an instant bond with her when we saw her for the first time at 3 weeks old. Aise is the litter mate to Illy and comes from Uktousa Kennel in New Hampshire. Tumac, a Tuloon/McKenzie pup, is her father and Daisy, sister to our Journey, is her mother. Aise is a social butterfly and loves to cuddle in our laps. Aise is a quick learner and eager-to-please. She is an super worker and we need to work with her on resting during breaks. She just wants to go, go, go!
Hedlund Husky 11/27/2010 Team/Wheel/Leader in Training

Ari originated with Kim Fitzgerald of Mush Knik Networking and came to us in August of 2010, at the age of five. He is Phoenix's brother. Ari was given his new name for his new life and in an old Norse language, "Ari" means Fast Flying "Eagle". He is a very attentive boy and did have fear-based tendencies when he arrived, with some other dogs. His new name is meant to remind him to be strong, regal, yet honorable to avoid those tendencies. He's quickly learned has an intense drive and never-ending solid "pull". He is a precious gift to the kennel.
Hedlund Husky 11/18/2005 Versatile

Arrow is from the recent Topa/Oken 2011 litter and is one of seven beautiful, brilliant puppies! (We're not biased.) His namesake is the place to which we will soon relocate; the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota. He was the only male in the litter. He's a super smart and eager-to-please pup that is sweet as can be. At 10 weeks old, we could no longer walk with he and his sister on leash because they pulled far too hard! We placed little harnesses on them and they were naturals. Arrow likes to be out in front and, although we don't expect it from a puppy, he focuses the best of all three of our pups, at the moment.

Hedlund/Zulu line Alaskan 11/20/2011 Puppy

B'Zhoo is out of Irish and Ilo. His name is a unique spelling of an Ojibwe greeting. Being the class clown of his litter, he always brings a smile to your face. He's funny with a sensitive spirit, always concerned that he's doing the right thing. This is a trait we like to see! To us, this means that he'll look for our direction and should make a super leader like his grandpa, Oken.

Hedlund Husky 12/10/2012 Puppy

Illy is short for Illiamna which is the region in Alaska where the Hedlund Huskies originated.Illy is Aise's litter mate. Tumac, a Points Unknown Tuloon/McKenzie pup is her father and Daisy, sister to our Journey, is her mother. Illy is a beautiful big girl that has many of the ideal Hedlund traits from the Malamute side of the Hedlund line. She is an independent pup that is very focused on the task at hand. At puppy class, she just wants to get on with things and not wait around. She is a talker, just like her half sister Topa and has something to say about everything we ask of her. Her eye contact is getting better the more time we spend with her and the greater the bond we create. She took a while to mature in harness this year but then the light bulb switched on and she became a very reliable worker.
Hedlund Husky 11/27/2010 Team

Ilo joined us at Points Unknown in June of 2010 and comes from Kim Fitzgerald, the founder of the Hedlund Husky Preservation Project and Mush Knik Networking. Illo is our Phoenix's father and was known to be a steady leader and mild mannered boy. We were so excited that he joined the Points Unknown family and he has indeed proven to be a great asset to our family and team!

Hedlund Husky Fall of 2003 Versatile

Irish is from the recent Topa/Oken 2011 litter and is the spitting image of her papa, Oken at this age. Irish's name is derived from the road on which we will soon relocate in the northwoods of Minnesota; Irish Creek Road. She is a hot ticket, this one! She is independent and inquisitive. Being as affectionate as her two siblings at Points Unknown, she loves to sit in laps and snuggle. All three pups fight to be in front when talking walks so we can't see how they each turn out in harness next season!

Hedlund/Zulu line Alaskan 11/20/2011 Puppy

Journey and her four litter mates were born on May 31, 2007. She joined Points Unknown Kennel in early August of that year when we made the "Journey" to Alaska to bring her home. She was an independent and confident pup and we knew she would make an excellent leader with proper training. Last winter she showed us what she had in her while spending all of her time up in lead with either Phoenix or Klaus. She isn't the least bit daunted by open country leading on an expansive lake and enjoys every minute of it!
Half Hedlund Husky 05/31/07 Versatile

Photo by Kathleen Kimball-Baker

Kamotz is the son of Irish and Ilo. Kamotz's name came from the Sawtooth Mountain Wolf Pack and means "free spirit". Being one of only two black puppies in the Hedlund line thus far, he appears to be a throwback to the Joe Redington Sr. lineage that was introduced into the Hedlund line in the early 1990s. He has a solid build and a mild temperament. He seeks approval and direction at this age which is something we like to see in our young leaders.

Hedlund Husky 12/10/2012 Puppy

Klaus just looked like a Klaus. Zulu is his father and he is a brother to Sweet Pea and Bazil. Klaus has become an excellent leader like his dad. His open country leader skills are amazing and he turns on a dime, again just like dad. When in lead, he never stops pulling and rarely looks back except for the occasional glance to make sure he is doing what he is supposed to be doing. In harness he is quite serious and has no time for fun and games. Off the trail he is quirky, goofy and always trying to get his sister, Sweet Pea, to play.
Zulu line Alaskan Husky 08/05/02 Open Country Leader

McKenzie is Journey, Topa and White Feather's dad and Aise and Illy's granddad. He joined us here at Points Unknown the beginning of April 2007. In early 2010 he retired and now lives with Wayha, a 2007 Tuloon/Bazil puppy in the home of friends living nearby so we get to see him often. McKenzie is a deep line Hedlund Husky. He is a sweet boy that gets along with the other dogs, doesn't make a sound and is quite the gentleman . He was a cherished part of the Points Unknown team and did an excellent job for us and now is living the life of retirement luxury.
Hedlund Husky 08/01/2001 Lead

Misquah is from the Topa/Oken 2011 litter. She has a very unique, eyes and personality to boot! She was born with an almost blue slate colored coat that has been changing to include some liver colored tones. Her eyes were blue until a few weeks ago when they began to change and now they are hazel! She is the ring leader of the three puppies that remained at Points Unknown kennel. Misquah is a social butterfly and a very busy puppy who just has stuff to do! The names for this recent litter came from the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota where we will soon be relocating. Misquah is derived from the Misquah Hills which exist in our area. Misquah is Ojibwa for "red rock outcroppings".

Hedlund/Zulu line Alaskan 11/20/2011 Puppy

Oken is from the Tuloon/Bazil litter 2007. He is a Zulu grandson and a nephew to Sweet Pea and Klaus. His name came about while driving on the Gunflint Trail and noticing a sign for a place called Okontoe that gives sleigh rides. A little modification and you have Oken! This long-legged guy is extremely attentive, sweet and playful. He has a bit of the cautiousness from the Hedlund line and if everything checks out, he's right in the middle of it all. He loves to explore and you'll find him with the group for a bit then off on his own mission he goes. He has a nice dense winter coat. Oken has long legs and a long body, taking after both lines. When tried in harness for very short puppy runs, Oken proved to be a solid puller with a willingness to be up in lead. This winter he set the trail on the lake for us and is a reliable single open country leader. As for being eager to please, you don't get any better than Oken!
Hedlund/Zulu line Alaskan 09/26/07 Open Country Leader

Phoenix means "a person or thing so excellent as to have no equal or match". We thought this fitting of a foundation male of our Hedlund Husky line. Phoenix arrived from Alaska at the beginning of February 2006. He was an independent pup but made eye contact often as if looking for direction. Quite laid back, he is accepting of new dogs, new people and new situations. He seems very much like an "old soul". At 10 months old when put up in lead, Phoenix showed all the signs of being a great leader. In 2007 he proved himself in lead and was one of our main leaders. Open country soon became second nature for him.
Hedlund Husky 11/18/05 Open Country Leader

Rayna means "Queen" and that she is. She's a beautiful BIG puppy that came to use in November of 2011 from Andy Bassich's line in the Eagle, Alaska area. We can't be more pleased. She came shortly after her half brother, Rommel and now has feet even bigger than his! She is laid back, independent but cuddly, all at the same time. She had her first run recently and acted like a pro. Cool, calm and collected. At just over year old, Rayna was the biggest female in our kennel at over 75lbs and 30 inches at the shoulder.

Bassich line Alaskan 09/23/2011 In Training

Rommel was named after a heroic German tank commander so you can guess who named him (Neil our military man). Funny that his nickname previous to coming to us was TANK! Rommel is a gentle giant out of Andy Bassich's line outside of Eagle, Alaska. Thanks for Nita Fowler at Sirius Sled Dogs in Fairbanks, we were able to add him, along with his half sister Rayna, to our kennel. He is a super dog and at 6 months old, pulled so hard, we couldn't easily canicross hike with him. He loves everyone and everything. Rommel had his first run with the team recently and was a real star. We love this boy!

Bassich line Alaskan 08/25/2011 In Training

Ryden's name came about when trying to stick with our recent Arrowhead of Minnesota theme. Ryden's Border Store is, you got it, right on the border of Minnesota and Canada and within 15 miles of our Irish Creek Homestead. Being a Phoenix puppy, he's very laid back, super friendly and eager-to-please. His now-and-again "spiciness" comes from his mother, Sasha's side. Sasha is our Wimzi's sister.

Ryden's extreme overbite makes him a designated teacher in the Point Unknown kennel. It's his job to show our guests that it doesn't matter how different you are, what you look like or what ails you, you can still rise to great heights. Ryden has the sweetest personality and will be an excellent sled dog and leader. We know he will!
Hedlund/Zulu Line Alaska 09/01/2012 Puppy!

Sweet Pea is Zulu’s daughter and a sister to Klaus and Bazil. She lives up to her name but don’t let this sweet girl fool you. She has been known to give an Inuit Dog a piece of her mind if annoyed! She is a serious worker on the trail. In the off season, she would be happy to play the role of a couch potato. We just can't resist her "I'll do anything for you" look.

Zulu line Alaskan 08/05/02 Versatile

Topa Topa is from the Tuloon/McKenzie 2009 litter. The significance of her name comes from the founder of the Hedlund Husky Preservation program who is a dear friend of Points Unknown. Kim Fitzgerald grew up in California and the spent the most formative years of her life on her uncle's ranch overlooking the Topa Topa mountain range. Topa is a sweet girl and her eager-to-please personality makes her easy to work with and train. She loves visitors and makes sure that each get a chance to have her in their lap. In the fall of 2010 she began her leader training and has just been introduced to open country leading. Topa keeps her line tight and pushes ahead, looking back on occasion for direction. We need to work more on her commands but once she's had the time to practice, they will stick and we're sure she will be another awesome open country leader in the Points Unknown kennel.
Hedlund Husky 06/27/2009 Lead

Photo by Hailey

Tuloon is a Hedlund Husky. Her name came about while listening to a small town Alaska radio station on the trip to bring her home. The announcer was reading messages from loved ones to people living in the bush. This particular greeting was to someone’s “Tuloon Child”. It just stuck! She sustained a leg trauma as a pup requiring stainless steel pins through her leg attached to graphite rods on each side of her leg for stability and extensive therapy. She seems to have made a full recovery and doesn't hesitate to voice her discontent if she thinks she might be left behind that run. She bounds through deep snow like a deer and breaks a good trail for a girl her size. She produced some amazing puppies in both her 2007 and 2009 litters that include Oken, Zala, Zodiak, Topa and White Feather that are here in the Points Unknown kennel. She is a main leader in one of the Points Unknown teams.
Hedlund Husky 06/16/04 Open Country Leader

White Feather is from the Tuloon/McKenzie 2009 litter. Her name has personal significance to Linda as White Feather was born at a time when the wildlife lake on which the kennel lies had been populated with a number of white feathered birds, more so than in years past. Also, feathers have found their way to Linda over the years which have accumulated into a large collection, making the name White Feather the perfect choice. This little girl is a social butterfly and is extremely active, always looking for something new to do. What a perfect personality for a working sled dog! She has an even balance between independence and eager-to-please personality traits.She been doing a fair amount of leader training this fall and has had a number of experiences in open country leading this winter and is showing excellent potential!
Hedlund Husky 06/27/2009 Lead

Wimzi with a "Z" carries on her Grandpa Zulu's genes in the Points Unknown kennel. There is even a little tiny bit of Hedlund Husky in there as our Tuloon is Wimzi's grandmother on her father's side. Wimzi is a super confident firecracker of a pup and is proving to be very intelligent and anxious to learn new things. We gave her a try up in lead during fall training to see how she would react and wouldn't you know it, at 10 months old, she was keeping her line tight and moving straight ahead. We see excellent leader potential in Wimzi but will allow her to mature another season before we do any serious leader training. Right now, she is enjoying her job working in the team. She's has a super work ethic and we can't wait to watch her mature!
Hedlund/Zulu lineAlaskan 01/25/2010 Versatile

Wyakin is out of Irish and Ilo. Wyakin got his name from the Sawtooth Mountain Wolf pack and it means "Spirit Guide". Being a kind and sensitive soul, Wyakin reminds us of his brother Phoenix at this age, a true Hedlund Husky personality. His size, at this age, is noteworthy as he is significantly larger than his brothers and his front paws are as big as the palm of my hand. If he turns out to be anything like his brother, Wyakin is going to be one amazing sled dog and leader!

Hedlund Husky 12/10/2012 Puppy

Photo by Hailey

Zala is from the Tuloon/Bazil 2007 litter. She is a granddaughter to Zulu and a niece to Sweet Pea and Klaus. Zala's name just came about while trying to find a "Z" name to carry along with the Zulu line. (We made it up!) She is a little firecracker, always on the run. She seems to always make us laugh with her antics. She, like Oken, has long legs and a long body. Her coat is dense and longer than that of her two brothers'. Zala proved to be the most exuberant in harness during our short puppy runs. Like her mom, Tuloon, she bounds through deep snow like a deer. This winter she spend most of her time in lead and gained more and more confidence as the winter went on. Now, she acts as though she was meant to be there. She is now in training to be an open country leader.
Hedlund/Zulu line Alaskan 09/26/07 Lead

Photo by Neil Slaughter

Zodi is one of three pups that stayed at Points Unknown from the Tuloon/Bazil 2007 litter. He is Zulu's grandson and Sweet Pea and Klaus' nephew. Zodi's name came about when looking for "Z" names to pass down with the Zulu line. This big guy is very bold, curious and very much a thinker. You wouldn't think a bold puppy would be a mamma's boy, but he is. He is very attached to me and gets worried when he thinks I don't see him and aren't giving him enough attention. Zodi has long legs and a more compact body. He and grandpa Zulu have the same facial markings. When being tried in harness on puppy runs he was the most calm of all pups. He pulled hard and when we stopped he laid down and waited. Being in lead seemed to be second nature for him. Zodiak spent much of the winter in wheel and point position last season. When he gains a bit more focus as he matures, he will be placed in lead more often.
Hedlund/Zulu line Alaskan 09/26/07 Versatile

Zola came to us from our friends at Uktousa Kennel in New Hampshire. Her sire is our Tumac (Tuloon/McKenzie) and her dam is our Cookqiz (Tuloon/Bazil). She was always the first of her littermates to try new things. This has carried through now that she is living with Points Unknown as she never hesitates to check something out or try something unfamiliar. These are traits of a good leader so we're eagerly anticipating the beginning of her leader training.
Hedlund/Zulu line Alaskan 05/15/2012 Puppy

Zulu came to the kennel at the age of five. What a great name! Zu is a magnificent open country leader. This dog will turn on a dime almost before the command is spoken. Zu has saved the team from open water. He has navigated safely through rocky, steep and narrow tree lined trails and he has kept the team in line on glare ice. This is an amazing dog. He is an affectionate dog and would rather be relaxing by my side than hanging out with the other dogs. There are no words that could do Zulu justice. Zulu fully retired last season when his arthritis wouldn't allow him to pull in harness more than 100 yards. He doesn't seem to miss it though, as long has he can be by my side in the house.

Sadly, Zulu passed away in early 2010. Please click here to visit our blog to view his tribute.
Foundation of the Zulu line 06/17/96 Retired Leader

Copper's color made his name an obvious choice. This 12lb daschund/poodle mix was found wandering through traffic in a neighborhood in Minneapolis in late 2001. This little three legged guy found his place in our hearts and has been here ever since. He goes on every excursion to the cabin with the sled dogs wearing his little coat and boots. Copper loves the snowmobile ride in as his little head pokes out of my jacket. Of course, socializing with the sled dogs is not a good idea so he basks in the sun in the corner chair of the cabin, taunting them from afar.
Dachshund/Poodle Est.01/2001 Mascot

Blue came with his name. He was rescued by an organization that found him in a shed in Wisconsin with 17 other small dogs. They were all petrified of people and terribly neglected. His name became Blueberry after thoughts of the Points Unknown cabin in the late summer where Blueberries grow in abundance. This 22lb King Charles Spaniel/Sheltie/Daschund mix has come a long way with his socialization and will happily greet visitors. He is currently doing his part as another Points Unknown Sled Dog Team mascot to help socialize the new puppies.
A nice mix. Est.04/2004 Mascot

Unfortunately, at times we run across traditional sled dogs in need of a new home. Many times it is because they are too slow, too aggressive or just not considered an asset anymore to the kennel, by the previous owner. These kinds of dogs can change drastically if placed in the appropriate kennel situation for them. "Slow" dogs are merely just traditional sled dogs that need to be doing what they were build to do; pull heavy loads slowly in an adventure kennel and not a racing kennel or one that desires faster dogs. "Aggressive" dogs sometimes merely need to be placed in a new situation where they may be given the special one on one attention they have been asking for all along by "acting out". Below are such dogs. All very special and unique in their own ways and all very deserving of a home where they can be considered as such, these dogs will surely thrive if given a new beginning. If you are interested in any of these dogs please contact us for more information and an adoption application at:

Points Unknown
P.O. Box 111, Watertown, MN 55388

Anyone interested in adopting these working freight sled dogs must be familiar with northern breed dogs and have an active outdoor lifestyle.

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