The Points Unknown adventure trips are all educationally based. You won't get a dog sled ride, you'll learn how to mush a small team of our sled dogs. You won't be led through the wilderness by a guide, you'll learn how to do your own navigation with a map and compass. The wilderness survival skills you learn will help build self-confidence and enhance your future experiences, be it on a trek into the wilderness, on a leisurely hike around one of your local parks or in the adventures of your every day life.

Our adventures are for those who want to be actively engaged with a more simple life in the woods; for those who want to be involved in every aspect of the adventure offered.

Points Unknown holds six things truly important to its mission.

1) Safety

2) Relationship with Dogs

3) Learning and Self Discovery

4) Fun

5) Wilderness Appreciation

6) Excellent Meals

Its our hope that those attending a Points Unknown adventure will leave having found all of the following:
  • New Friends
  • An Invigorated Spirit
  • New Winter Survival Knowledge
  • A Deeper Love for the Outdoors
  • A New Love and Understanding of Sled Dogs

“Exceeded my expectations...more than an adventurous trip- it was the experience of a lifetime!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed February 9, 2014 via mobile for Trip Advisor

"Ok, first of all- I am NOT an employee of Points Unknown, I was simply so impressed and thrilled by my experience there that I had to write a review while it was fresh in my mind (and I'm still running on the adrenalin of the experience!)
This adventure is SO MUCH MORE than a few rides In a sled, this is a well constructed all-out introduction to a sport and a lifestyle so many folks (including me) know little about!

After a few short 1/2 day recreational dog sled trips with different outfitters- my interest was further piqued by my love of dogs and Nortern MN. I was expecting to simply get a few extra opportunities and a few informative talks on dogsledding, but what I got from the experience was 10x better!

It really should be called " Mushing 101" as this 4 day trip provided not only TONS of insight into the life of mushing, the history and development of a mushing lifestyle and care of these unique animals AND thorough instruction but multiple experiences driving your own sled, with competent coaches and dog teams on beginner and challenging courses.

It wasn't a ride- it was an once in a lifetime ExPERIENCE! ( I told them this should be their tag line!)

They kept our trip group to 4 people so we got lots of one on one attention, and they truly made each of us feel supported and comfortable. A few participants had NEVER been dog sledding prior, but simply wanted an outdoor adventure and loved dogs.

My mind was opened to an amazing sport- I even feel somewhat ready to launch my own team! (Ok a little more experience would help!)

This will Definitely be a must on my calendar again next year!!!!
Visited February 2014"
Sonja Birkeland

"Linda is an excellent instructor for beginning women! She is passionate about dog mushing, and educating women! Her love for her dogs shows and is so important given these women want to see compassion for animals.

All the assistants were exceptional as well; caring, courteous and willing to do whatever is needed to make sure everyone is safe."

Linda Bylander
Director of BOW (DNR's Becoming an Outdoors Woman of MN)

"Being on this Points Unknown adventure touched my soul. Everything I love and seek in life was here: incredible dogs, passionate people, the beautiful, peaceful north woods, good company, learning something new and amazingly delicious food."

Jenny Minton
Stone Lake, WI

Regarding a recent advanced adventure where those participants had attended a previous adventure:

"I just wanted to thank you for giving us such an amazing weekend!...." "The weekend was so well laid out to remind us what to do, help us feel more confident, and then go for it! It was truly memorable!"

Cheryl Jahnke
St. Paul, MN

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Points Unknown is currently on a journey with a result that includes providing you with some very unique, OFF GRID, north woods dog mushing experiences! You can follow this journey by following our blog or the Points Unknown Facebook page

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Women's Winter Adventures

Advanced Women's Winter Adventure in Minnesota's beautiful northwoods.Please contact us directly for information on this adventure. 218.370.0283

Girl Scout Dog Mushing Badge Program! This program provides each girl with all of the education and hands-on experience needed to meet the requirements necessary to receive the dog mushing badge. This is a popular program so be sure to book early!

Canicross Hiking

Pull Training

Kennel Tours (year 'round)- come and cuddle the sled dogs and see what our lifestyle with the dogs is all about! Call us for details 218.370.0283

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