What to Wear

1 ½ hr to Full Day Experiences

We want you to thoroughly enjoy your Points Unknown experience. Part of this enjoyment is dressing for the weather. Please follow our helpful hints when choosing what you will wear on your adventure with us. Spending most of our winter days outdoors, we’ve got plenty of experience on the topic!

Please AVOID

  • Cotton.  Cotton soaks up the moisture from your skin and/or the environment and then holds the moisture against your skin, thus making you damp and keeping you cold.
  • Too many tight layers.  Adding too many tight layers will restrict your movement and blood flow, thus making you cold.
  • Tennis shoes or sneakers, any boots without winter insulation or that do not rise past your ankles; summer hiking boots, dress shoes of any type, high heel shoes or boots and any shoe/boot without a substantial grip should be avoided.
  • Jeans, sweat pants, dress pants, leggings, and skirts should be avoided in a wilderness winter setting.  However, if you have properly insulated Gore-Tex, water/windproof snow pants to pull on over any of the aforementioned items, you would be more prepared and less likely to be cold.

DO Wear

  • Wool, fleece, silk, down, polypropylene and Gore-Tex.
  • Long underwear tops and bottoms of above fabric. This layer should wick the moisture away from our skin. 
  • Fleece pants over your long underwear layer. This layer will hold the moisture that was wicked away from your skin by your base layer and allow it to evaporate through your outer, breathable layer.
  • Fleece top over your long underwear layer.
  • A down jacket or warm Gore-Tex, water/wind proof insulated jacket for your outer layer that is also breathable.  Your jacket should have a hood and a fur ruff, either natural or synthetic, will help keep your face warmer.
  • Waterproof and wind proof, breathable, insulated outer snow pants or shell.
  • Medium to thick wool type socks are the best in our experience. Again, please no cotton.
  • Winter boots, preferably rated for -30C or lower. They should fit just right and not be too tight of could restrict circulation, making you cold.
  • Balaclava or scarf for your face and neck.
  • Warm hat that covers your ears.
  • Warm insulated gloves or mittens for sitting in the sled. A lighter pair of windproof fleece gloves is recommended for working with the sled dogs as this type of glove provides light weight warmth and good dexterity.
  • Ski Goggles or protective sun glasses for out on the trail.
  • Sunscreen and lip protection.

What else

  • Bring your camera! Our dogs are used to posing for photos and love being in the spotlight!
  • A warm, non alcoholic drink in an insulated thermos and a snack bar might be of use, however we do have plenty of warm beverages and snacks in the house and we are more than happy to share.

Kennel Tours (year ‘round)

If coming for a kennel tour at any time other than winter, please check with us about the conditions and temperatures at the time you would like to schedule a tour and we’ll give you some recommendations for how to dress.

The rule of thumb is to dress in casual clothing that can get dirty or potentially damaged by happy and playful dogs. Wear only closed-toe shoes. Pants versus shorts or skirts, are best.

And please, if there are any questions or concerns, do contact us.

Women’s and Multiple Day Adventures


Points Unknown has a smoke-free and drug-free environment. No smoking or use of illegal drugs is allowed in the buildings or on the property.  Alcohol and learning and working with our dogs don't mix. If joining us for one of our custom multi-day adventures, you are welcome to bring a bottle of your favorite alcoholic beverage to share, for evenings in the cabin, however, alcohol at any other time, and excessive and/or irresponsible use of alcohol is not permitted.


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